What is it about?

Why do adults sometimes behave like unhappy children? What can they do about it?  

Why can feelings of not being good enough learned in childhood continue to cause problems in adult life?

A man was explaining his frustration at continually failing to find resolution to a feeling from childhood. I said, “Well, you won’t, because it’s a hopeless task, like chasing rainbows. The pot of gold is only an illusion and you are becoming deluded chasing it.”

“You’re right,’ he said.  "It feels like I’m running backwards and forwards trying to fill a bucket with water, that can’t ever be filled.”

'Chasing Rainbows' is a better title than 'Filling Buckets'!

The book is a personal and practical insight into emotional maturity, using personal observations of adult and child behaviour.

       The book will help you:

    • Tell the difference between childlike and childish behaviour in yourself and others.
    • Understand what leads to the sayings, “Oh Grow up,” “Act your age” and many others.
    • Discover why perfectionism can lead to dissatisfaction.
    • Feel good enough and increase self confidence and self esteem. 
    • Know why EQ (emotional intelligence) is not the same as IQ.
    • Take control, not lose control.  STOP yourself! LOOK at yourself! LISTEN to yourself!
    • Improve your self awareness and feel yourself grow up.
    • Heal past upsetting memories.  Accept what cannot be changed and understand why.
    • Challenge negative self beliefs.  Resolve personal problems. 
    • Learn that what you want is not the same as what you need.
    • Become better informed about brain function in plain English. 
    • Decide whether some psychological therapies could be more damaging than others.
    • Stop old and unhelpful behaviour patterns.
    • Change something small and experience a big difference.
    • Grow up.

Subjects covered: Personal growth and development, relationships and family dynamics, addiction, emotional intelligence, depression, childhood trauma, changing attitudes and negative self beliefs, increasing self esteem, self awareness, anger, anxiety disorders, resolution. Plus challenges to some mental health diagnosis and therapy practices.