Who is the author?

Hello, I'm Alison Russell. Here are a few points of note about my background.

  • Qualified nursery nurse since 1969.  Expertise with under fives, particularly two-year-olds.
  • Retail management 8 years.  Track record of making a complex idea, simple to understand. Still in use at John Lewis and Waitrose after 16 years.
  • Mother of two children. Grandmother of four.
  • Practicing psychotherapist 10 years.  Worked in mental health since 1995.
  • Run workshops in UK and Australia. Given talks in UK and Australia. Conference speaker
  • Podcasts on iTunes.  Recommended by colleagues to their clients.
  • Commended over the years for being passionate and enthusiastic about projects.
  • Feedback suggests that I can inspire and motivate people.